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At the awards and luncheon closing finale for HydroVision International 2014 in Nashville the week of July 21, the winners of the Best Technical Papers awards were announced by Hydro Review Managing Editor Elizabeth Ingram.

These awards are given to the strongest technical papers presented over the three days of the conference program. The winners were chosen by the HydroVision International 2014 technical papers committee. Committee members reviewed all technical papers and poster gallery presentations received in five categories:

  1. Environmental & Social
  2. Equipment & Technology
  3. Market Trends & Strategies
  4. Project Management & Operations
  5. Water Management & Movement

Awards were announced for the first, second and third place winners in each of these categories.

For Environmental & Social, the winners were:

  • First place, Design of a Fish Collector with a Numerical Model by Marcela Politano, Antonio Arenas Amado, Troy Lyons and Larry Weber with the University of Iowa and Kirk Kessler with Tacoma Power
  • Second place, Options for Reducing Total Dissolved Gas at the Long Lake Hydroelectric Facility by Ed Zapel and Brian Hughes with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, Hank Nelson with Avista Utilities, and consultant Steve Fry
  • Third place, GIS-Based Quantification and 3D Rendering of Water Level Fluctuation Impacts to Littoral Zone Habitat: Conowingo Hydroelectric Project, Susquehanna River by Bryan Strawn, Barry Baker and Marjorie L. Zeff with URS Corp.

For Equipment & Technology, the winners were:

  •  First place, New Grid Codes for Distributed Generation: Impact on the Transient Stability of Small Hydro Generators by Mario Arquilla and Fabio Pasut with STE Energy SpA
  • Second place, Modern Analysis of Historical Turbine Head Cover Cracking and Repair by Derek Ohta with Manitoba Hydro
  • Third place, Flexible Operation of Hydropower Assets: Using Equipment Data to Quantify the Costs of a New Reality by Justin Thibault and Stan Rosinski with EPRI

For Market Trends & Strategies, the winners were:

  • First place, Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Pumped-Storage Hydropower Technologies and their Contributions to the Power System by Vladimir Koritarov with Argonne National Laboratory, Tao Guo with Energy Exemplar, Erik Ela with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Bruno Trouille with MWH Americas, James Feltes with Siemens Power Technologies International and Michael Reed with the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Second place, Second place, Comparison of Pump Storage Retrofit and Upgrade to Variable Speed through Two Recent Case Studies in Europe by Sylvain Antheaume, Geoffrey Darona and Jean-Bernard Houdeline with Alstom Hydro, Yves Labrecque with Alstom Renewable Power Canada and Patrick Laurier with Electricite de France
  • Third place, Applying Earned Value Project Management Metrics to Multi-Project Capital programs by Neil A. Thorson and Steve Wenke with Avista Utilities

For Project Management & Operations, the winners were:

  • First place, Fire at Ronald B. Robie (Thermalito) Pumping-Generating Plant by David Roose with the California Department of Water Resources and Derek Stewart with Pacific Power Engineers
  • Second place, Isolated Phase Bus Duct Systems – Inspection and Maintenance Best Practices by Gary Whitehead with Electrical Builders
  • Third place, Implementation of an Operations Support System at SaskPower by Ryan F. Bannerman with SaskPower and Tryggvi Olason and Richard B. Allen with Hatch

For Water Management & Movement, the winners were:

  • First place, A Novel Approach for Optimizing Cascaded Hydropower Systems with Multiple Owners by David Beevers and Horacio Perez-Blanco with Penn State University
  • Second place, Pointe Du Bois Generating Station Spillway Replacement Project – Numerical and Physical Modeling by Kara Hurtig and Brian Hughes with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, David S. Brown with KGS Group, and Kevin Sydor with Manitoba Hydro
  • Third place, Modeling of a Pumped Storage Lower Reservoir to Investigate the Effects of an Uprate on Hydraulic Conditions by Timothy Sassaman and Andrew Johansson with Alden Research Laboratory and Marianne Walter with Consumers Energy
    The winners of this award were presented with plaques and certificates at the event.

The winners of this award were presented with plaques and certificates at the event.

The closing luncheon also featured presentation of the Hydro Hall of Fame inductees for 2014 and the Attendees’ Choice Awards for best panel presentation sessions.

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Elizabeth Ingram is content director for the Hydro Review website and HYDROVISION International. She has more than 17 years of experience with the hydroelectric power industry. Follow her on Twitter @ElizabethIngra4 .

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