Bidding seen for irrigation phase of Peru’s 300-MW Alto Piura

Peruvian officials hope to begin tendering by the end of March for construction of the first-phase irrigation works of the proposed 300-MW Alto Piura hydroelectric project in Peru’s Piura and Cajamarca departments.

Piura Department officials told Business News Americas that preliminary information indicated the project’s irrigation component would cost US$203 million, while the Phase 2 hydropower component would cost US$326 million. Updated technical details for the power component are expected within a month, officials said.

The irrigation works are to entail a dam, channeling works, and distribution infrastructure to transfer water from the Huancabamba River in northwestern Peru for irrigation of between 30,000 and 50,000 hectares. The project has been the subject of more than a half-dozen studies since 1996.

Officials said the hydropower component, to include two 150-MW power plants, would be built and operated by the private sector under a concession.

Piura would provide between US$40 million and US$50 million from oil revenues, while the national government has pledged US$40 million to the project. Peru’s Congress reported the nationalist party has submitted a bill to declare Alto Piura a necessity and a public utility.

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