Botswana clears way to build Dikgatlhong Dam

The government of Botswana announced it has resolved concerns about movement and reburial of community grave sites, clearing the way for construction of Dikgatlhong Dam at the confluence of the Shashe and Tati rivers at Robelela.

After several years delay, a 1.4 million pula (US$217,815) tender was approved to exhume remains for reburial at Polometsi and Matopi to make way for the dam and reservoir. A local member of Parliament, Ponatshego Kedikilwe, said construction also had been delayed by diversion of government funding to other priorities, such as schools and programs to fight acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Water Affairs Director Boikobo Paya said a review of the existing dam design was to be complete by the end of October.

The embankment dam is to be 41 meters tall and 4.7 kilometers long, making it the largest dam in Botswana.

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