Brazil bank finances five Juruena River hydros

Brazil’s development bank has approved financing of 360 million reais (US$185.3 million) for construction of five small hydroelectric projects on Brazil’s Juruena River in Mato Grosso State.

Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimiento Economica e Social (BNDES) said June 11 the financial support was approved under Proinfa, the program of government support to alternative sources of electricity. It represents 72 percent of the 502.3 million reais (US$258.6 million) total investment in the projects.

The five projects, their development firms, and the amounts of BNDES support are:
o 17-MW Cidezal, Campos de Julio Energia S/A, 63 million reais (US$32.4 million);
o 15.4-MW Parecis, Parecis Energia S/A, 62 million reais (US$31.9 million);
o 13-MW Rondon, Rondon Energia S/A, 51 million reais (US$26.2 million);
o 16-MW Sapezal, Sapezal Energia S/A, 64 million reais (US$32.9 million); and
o 30-MW Telegrafica, Telegrafica Energia S/A, 120 million reais (US$61.8 million).

The five projects have firm power sales contracts with national utility Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras S/A (Eletrobras) for 20 years. The projects include transmission lines to connect with the national grid.

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