Brazil regulator backs renewal of four Copel hydro concessions

Brazil’s electricity regulator has endorsed a request by utility Copel Geracao e Transmissao S/A to renew the operating concessions of four hydroelectric projects in Parana State totaling nearly 2,508 MW.

The board of Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica (ANEEL) forwarded a recommendation to the Ministerio de Minas e Energia to renew Copel GT’s concessions for:
o 1,260-MW Governador Ney Aminthas (formerly Segredo) in Guarapuava, Pinhao, and Mangueirinha;
o 1,240-MW Governador Jose Richa (formerly Salto Caxias) in Capitao Leonidas Marques, Salto do Lontra, and Realeza;
o 1.3-MW Cavernoso in Laranjeiras do Sul and Guarapuava; and
o 6.5-MW Derivacao do Rio Jordao in Guarapuava and Pinhao.

ANEEL recommended 20-year renewals for Aminthas and Jordao, whose concessions expire in 2009, and for Richa, whose concession expires in 2010. At Copel GT’s request, ANEEL proposed an 8.5-year renewal from the 2011 concession expiration of the Cavernoso project.

ANEEL said Copel GT has the technical, legal, economic, and financial capabilities to receive the concession extensions. The mines and energy ministry has the authority to issue renewals of up to 20 years.


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