Brazil state grants construction license to 67-MW Monjolinho

The environmental regulator of Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul State has granted an installation license for construction of the 67-MW Monjolinho hydroelectric project on the Passo Fundo River.

Fundacao Estadual de Protecao Ambiental (Fepam) granted the approval March 28, delivering the license to President Jose Antunes Sobrinho of developer Monel Energetica Monjolinho.

Fepam said the project is valued at 160 million reais (US$77.7 million) and is to require 28 months to build. The agency said project will require a Fepam operating license before it can begin service.

Monjolinho sold electricity in Brazil’s October 2006 power auction. It sold 42 MWa at 122.63 reais (US$56.74) for delivery in January 2011. (HNN 10/12/06)

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