Brazil state grants environmental license to 807.5-MW Tres Irmaos hydro project

State environmental regulator Companhia Ambiental do Estado de Sao Paulo has issued an environmental operating license to a unit of Triunfo Participacoes e Investimentos S.A., allowing it to operate the 807.5-MW Tres Irmaos hydroelectric project on Brazil’s Tiete River.

Triunfo unit Tijoa Participacoes e Investimentos S.A. is to be responsible for operation of the 20-year-old hydroelectric project under a 30-year concession agreement signed with Brazil’s Ministerio de Minas e Energia in September.

Triunfo holds a 50.1 percent majority stake in Tijoa, which was incorporated in August in partnership with utility Furnas – Centrais Eletricas S.A. The Triunfo-Furnas consortium was awarded operating rights for Tres Irmaos after former concession holder Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo (CESP) declined new concession terms.

Located in Sao Paulo State on the Tiete 28 kilometers from the confluence with the Parana River, Tres Irmaos has five Francis turbine-generators, a 3,640-meter-long dam and two navigation locks.

Triunfo Participacoes has participated in development of other Brazilian hydro projects including 192-MW Garibaldi on the Canoas River and 116-MW Salto on the Verde River.

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