Brazil streamlines registration of small hydro projects

Brazil’s electricity regulator has approved simplification of registration procedures for hydropower projects of 1 MW or less.

Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica (ANEEL) said such small hydro projects and thermal plants of 5 MW or less now only need to send simplified technical information to ANEEL with information on the plant and the person or corporation responsible for the enterprise.

ANEEL said the reduction in registration documentation applies to project operators that are exempted from concessions, permissions, or authorizations, regardless of whether they consume the generated energy themselves or they sell the power commercially. It said installation of the plants only must be communicated to the concession grantor, without the need to issue a grant of authority.

The agency said the ruling will benefit a class of small entrepreneurs that previously was required to submit the same documentation as is demanded of larger, fully licensed plants.

The simplified registration form is to be available on ANEEL’s Internet site,, under Informacoes Tecnicas and Autorizacoes e Registros.

ANEEL took comments through August on new rules to streamline the approval process for small hydropower projects. (HNN 7/22/08)

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