Brazil utility evaluates five hydro projects in Peru

Brazil federal utility Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras S/A (Eletrobras) is evaluating five hydroelectric projects in Peru as part of an energy integration plan between the two nations, a Peru official said July 22.

Peru’s Andina news service said the Ministerio de Energia y Minas received a Brazilian government delegation the previous week that was led by Eletrobras President Jose Antonio Muniz.

“Eletrobras is one of the more important state companies of Brazil that, by legislative decree, must invest outside that country, and has made the decision to do it in Peru,” Peru Energy Vice Minister Pedro Gamio said.

Following up an energy integration agreement signed by the nations’ energy ministers in May, the Brazilians are to analyze a set of power projects called the Portafolio Brasil. (HNN 5/21/08)

“The good news is that there are five projects that will begin to be studied and evaluated,” Gamio said. “That is going to mean that in not more than six or seven years, Peru will be able to have an energy matrix that rests in an important percentage on its hydroelectric potential of renewable energies.”

The vice minister said the projects also are a first step to developing a South American electricity market utilizing renewable energy. He said Energy Ministry Juan Valdivia soon would detail the hydro projects being studied.

In June the ministry granted a concession to Empresa de Generacion Electrica Amazonas Sur to perform a feasibility study of the 1,500-MW Inambari hydroelectric project, to be built in Peru for export of power to Brazil. (HNN 6/23/08)

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