Brazil utility seeks to renew four hydro licenses

Brazilian hydropower generator AES Tiete S.A. has asked Brazil’s environmental regulator to renew operating licenses of four of its major hydropower projects.

AES Tiete asked Instituto Brasileiro de Meio Ambiente (Ibama) to renew the licenses of four projects located on the Tiete River in Sao Paulo State, local media reported.

The projects include 136.8-MW Alvaro de Souza Lima-Bariri, 140.76-MW Barra Bonita, 131.4-MW Ibitinga, and 264-MW Mario Lopes Leao-Promissao. Promissao began operating in 1975, while the other projects began operating in the 1960s.

AES Tiete, which operates 10 hydroelectric projects totaling 2,651 MW, last year said it would spend 53.1 million reais (US$25.3 million) in 2007 to upgrade and restore existing facilities. Notably, it planned to complete capacity restoration and upgrading of Unit 3 of Bariri and Unit 2 of Promissao. (HNN 3/9/07)

AES Corp. of the United States acquired the hydropower project operator in 1999 in a privatization spinoff by utility Cia Energetica de Sao Paulo.

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