California governor spotlights need for new dams

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Friant Dam March 26 to draw attention to his proposal for $5.95 billion in bonds for water management, including $4.5 billion to build two new dams in a comprehensive water storage and conveyance system.

�The Friant Dam and Millerton Lake Reservoir is a place that we chose to do this press conference here today because we are in desperate need to have more above the ground water storage, and we want to make sure that we put the spotlight on this issue,� Schwarzenegger said. �This is an issue that I promised the people of California, it’s an issue that I have promised the people in the Valley, to make sure that we get more above the ground water storage.�

Friant Dam is a main feature of the Friant Division of the Bureau of Reclamation’s 1,844-MW Central Valley Project’s Friant Division. (HNN 1/22/07)

Schwarzenegger said new dams providing more surface water storage are essential for California’s future.

He proposed the bond issue in January, with most of the revenue to be used to build Sites Dam and Reservoir in Colusa County, northwest of Sacramento, and Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir, in Fresno County near Friant Dam.

California Senate Democrats opposed to building new dams unveiled a package of bills earlier this year designed to improve flood protection and meet long-term water needs without new dams. (HNN 2/5/07)

The Republican governor acknowledged some lawmakers are opposed to his plan but expressed confidence the Legislature would work with him. Sen. Dave Cogdill, R-Modesto, author of a bill that incorporates the governor’s proposal, also spoke at the news conference, emphasizing the importance of the legislation.

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