Cameroon energy project includes 56-MW Lom Pangar, other hydro

The government of Cameroon plans to seek bids for consulting work and construction under an energy sector development project that includes the 56-MW Lom Pangar Dam and other hydropower projects.

The government has applied for US$65 million from the World Bank for the project, which includes a rural energy fund, capacity building, and project preparation.

Among other work, the government plans to seek elaboration of an environmental and social management plan for Lom Pangar. It also is to seek an engineering firm to provide technical assistance to the Electricity Development Corp. (EDC) on project preparation of Lom Pangar Dam, proposed for the Lom River. (HNN 12/4/07)

Other consulting for Lom Pangar includes an environmental and social cumulative impact study, a baseline of affected people and resettlement action plan, a study of forest management, financing of independent expert panels, and a pre-feasibility study of a transmission line.

Other work for EDC includes:
o An update of environmental impact assessments of regulating dams of Mape, MBakaou, and Bamendjin;
o Studies for optimization of installation of five reservoir sites on the Sanaga River;
o Study of a hydroelectric transmission network;
o Implementation of an information system on the hydroelectric aspect of water basins;
o Preparation of a legal framework for water management of hydropower stations by an independent commission;
o Pre-feasibility studies or updates of sites of mini-hydropower plants; and
o An update of hydrographic databases of the hydrological basins of Cameroon.

Among activities to be performed for the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MINEE) are an inventory of hydropower sites, and updates of an energy sector development plan and a rural electrification plan.

Among activities to be performed for the Electricity Regulatory Commission (ARSEL) are an economic and financial impact analysis of withdrawing regulating dams from the operating concession of utility AES Sonel.

In addition to generating its own electricity, Lom Pangar is expected to control flows to increase generation of downstream projects, 396-MW Song Loulou and 263-MW Edea, and the proposed 330-MW Nachtigal project.

Prospective bidders who want to be included on a mailing list to receive invitations to pre-qualify or bid are invited to contact the addresses below. For information contact:
o Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MINEE) activities: Directeur de l’Electricite Jean-Pierre Ghonnang, Direction de l’Electricite; Tel./Fax: (237) 22-222099; E-mail:,;
o Electricity Regulatory Commission (ARSEL) activities: Directeur Controle Economique Jean Pierre Mpina, ARSEL – Yaounde, Cameroon; (237) 9682-6220; Fax: (237) 2221-2381; E-mail:,;
o Rural Electrification Agency (AER) activities: Charge d’Etudes Oumarou Issa, AER, B.P. 30704, Yaounde, Cameroon; (237) 22-212384; Fax: (237) 22-212381; E-mail:,;
o Electricity Development Corp. (EDC) activities: Alphonse Emadak, EDC, B.P. 15111, Yaounde, Cameroon; Tel./Fax: (237) 22-231103; E-mail:,

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