Canada developer plans four new projects totaling 108 MW

Plutonic Power Corp. plans to develop four new run-of-river hydro projects totaling 108 MW in British Columbia, near the headwaters of Bute Inlet, about 100 kilometers north of Powell River.

Plutonic Power announced May 29 that British Columbia’s Water Stewardship Division and Integrated Land Management Bureau accepted the company’s applications to secure a water license and crown land rights to develop all four projects.

The projects are 22-MW Algard Creek, 28-MW East Orford River, 22-MW North Orford River, and 36-MW Elliot Neighbour Creek. The first three projects are named for sites on waterways of the same name. The site for the Elliot Neighbour Creek project is located on an unnamed creek, near Elliot Neighbour Creek.

The company next plans to install stream gages for study of the sites’ hydrology and to begin preliminary environmental work. The projects could generate a total of 362 gigawatt-hours annually.

The developer has proposed a total of 29 projects with a design capacity of more than 1,400 MW. Projects in its portfolio include the 196-MW East Toba River and Montrose Creek project. (HNN 5/25/07)

Plutonic Power President Donald McInnes added the company hopes to identify more project sites that hold promising potential while conducting detailed work for the four new projects.


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