Canadian developer still eyeing hydro as power source for Nunavut capital

A proposal from the Qulliq Energy Corporation could provide hydroelectric power to the capital of Canada’s northernmost territory, should it be approved by the Iqaluit City Council. reported Qulliq first began considering hydro power around 2006, when it hired consulting group Knight-Piesold to identify a number of generating sites in Nunavut Territory.

Qulliq said its plan is to build two hydropower plants — one at Janyes Inlet and the other on the Armshow River — on the south side of Frobisher Bay.

According to a 2007 prefeasibility study, the Janyes Inlet project would have a total capacity of 5 MW, while the Armshow River plant could generate between 3.4 and 7.5 MW depending on its configuration.

The company is currently working on environmental reviews and awaiting Iqaluit approval, after which it will begin searching for investors for the US$450 million project.

Qulliq said other hydropower projects identified in its studies might also be considered for construction in the future as well.

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