Canadian, UK groups sign MOU for tidal energy technology development

A memorandum of understanding announced by parties from Nova Scotia and the United Kingdom is intended to encourage cooperation in tidal energy research.

Included in the agreement are the province, the Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA) and the U.K.’s Technology Strategy Board.

Though the goal is to foster joint research in the marine and hydrokinetics sector, the memorandum specifically targets improvements that could be used to further the technology required to produce energy in high-tide areas like Canada’s Bay of Fundy.

“Bringing together tidal energy leaders from Nova Scotia and the U.K. will help advance efforts to harness the power of Fundy tides,” energy minister Andrew Younger said. “Collaborating on tidal development will help us save money and increase our research capacity.”

OERA and the Technology Strategy Board will oversee the majority of the work outlined in the memorandum. Each will contribute about US$226,000 to the effort.

“The U.K. and Canada are global leaders in this space and can work together, leading the world in the development and commercialization of tidal energy,” Technology Strategy Board representative Corin Robertson said.

Outlined as an area of collaboration are environmental sensing research and instrumentation technologies, which will be used to understand high flow tidal resources in both the Bay of Fundy and Orkney, Scotland.

“Partnering with our colleagues at the Technology Strategy Board and accessing their network will contribute to the development of new technologies, facilitate the creation of renewable energy companies, and stimulate future exports from our province that will pay dividends for years to come,” OERA Stephen Dempsey said.

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