China awards contracts for renewables program including hydro

The China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP) has awarded contracts to a series of Chinese consultants for work on the renewable energy program including small hydropower.

With World Bank funding, CRESP was formed by China’s National Development and Reform Commission to help implement renewable energy development and investment, including hydropower. (HNN 10/22/07) Among activities, the program plans to seek bids for building or rehabilitating 18 small hydro plants in Zhejiang Province and to build a 100-MW wind farm at Huitengxile in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

CRESP awarded a US$41,180 contract to Zhejiang Provincial Rural Hydropower Trades Association to provide capacity building on operation and maintenance of small hydropower stations in Zhejiang.

The program awarded a US$66,000 contract to Waterpower Specialized Committee of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society to produce a policy study on small hydropower development.

CRESP awarded a US$90,000 contract to Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University for renewable energy law training and outreach.

It awarded a US$96,000 contract to Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association to develop national general objectives, regional deployment strategy, and major projects for renewable energy development by 2020.

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