China courts bidders for 117-MW Shihutang

Developers of the Jiangxi Shihutang Navigation and Hydropower Complex plan to seek bids for civil construction, equipment, and consultants for the 117-MW Shihutang hydro plant and navigation lock on China’s Gan River.

The government of China has applied to the World Bank for US$100 million in funding for the complex. The project objective is to enhance the standard of living in the Gan River region by developing waterway transport and providing environmentally friendly energy.

Implementing agency INSTRIMPEX International Tendering Co. invited pre-qualification for two lots of civil works in August on behalf of the employer, Shihutang Navigation and Hydropower Complex Project. (HNN 6/30/08)

The Shihutang complex is a single integral infrastructure comprised of several elements including a dam, sluice gates, hydropower plant, ship lock, and dam crest access road. The earthen dam is to be 559 meters long containing 24 sets of sluice gates. Associated flood protection works include 38 kilometers of dikes, 61 kilometers of diversion canals, and six pumping stations.

Equipment to be procured includes six bulb-type turbine-generators and hydraulic hoists and metal structures for 24 sluice gates, ship lock, and powerhouse. Consultant services are to include a study of optimization of the operation of multiple reservoirs.

Companies that want to be included on a mailing list to receive invitations to pre-qualify or bid are invited to contact the address below. For information, contact Jiangxi Shihutang Navigation and Hydropower Complex Project Management Office, Jiangxi Provincial Communications Dept., Attn.: Mr. Huang, Deputy Director, No. 140, Yuanjiang North Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, 330006 China; (86) 791-6817370; Fax: (86) 791-6812936; E-mail:

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