China Holdings unveils hydro investment strategy

China Holdings Inc. has announced its updated Advanced Hydropower Renewable Energy Strategy and Plan for China and the world, focused on accelerated investment in hydroelectric projects.

China Holding, an energy, real estate, finance, and pharmaceuticals holding company, said May 29 that it and its China Power Inc. subsidiary would focus on investing in hydropower plants and companies. It said the companies intend to acquire 150 MW to 1,000 MW of hydropower annually for up to four years by mergers and acquisitions and by joint venture partnerships.

�The company’s Advanced Hydropower Renewable Energy Strategy and Plan will enhance the technical, social, and environmental benefits of hydropower and provide investment and business activities in the cost-competitive hydropower capacity energy supply in China and worldwide, and also increase its worldwide shareholders values in the long term,� China Holdings said.

The company said it intends to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investment in companies and other entities with significant assets, investments, production activities, trading, or other significant business interests in China or worldwide.

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