China hopes to stem wind turbine energy losses with pumped-storage

HEBEI PROVINCE, China 7/10/12 (PennWell) — China will construct a new 3.6 GW pumped-storage hydroelectric facility in Hebei Province, has learned.

The US$2.7 billion pumped-storage project, which will be the world’s largest when complete, is being reviewed by various governmental agencies. If approved, sources say construction could begin as early as September.

The project is expected to be built in two stages, with the first costing about $1.6 billion and offering a capacity of 1.8 GW. The first phase would take seven years to complete.

The pumped-storage plant is an effort to retain some of Hebei Province’s high wind turbine output. The China Wind Energy Association says the province has the country’s second largest wind turbine capacity, but last year, Hebei wind farms lost around 5% of their production. reported in December 2008 that a 1,024 MW pumped-storage plant owned by Hebei Zhanghewan Pumped Storage Co. Ltd. had been completed in the province. The last turbine of the country’s Three Gorges hydropower project was also recently connected to the Chinese grid.

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