China Power reports two projects begin operation

China Power Investment Corp. (CPIC) reports it is bringing on line its 1,000-MW Sanbanxi and 225-MW Suzhi hydroelectric projects.

1,000-MW Sanbanxi

CPIC said two units, Units 3 and 4, of Sanbanxi have begun transmitting power from Guizhou Province to the Hunan Province grid after completing their 72-hour test runs.

Upon completion in 2007, the 6.15 billion renminbi (US$760 million) project will have four 250-MW Francis turbine-generators producing 2,428 gigawatt-hours per year. It includes a 185-meter-tall concrete-faced rockfill dam, underground powerhouse, spillway, and spill tunnel.

Crews began construction in July 2002 and closed the projects gates to begin water storage in January.

Sanbanxi is the most upstream of the projects in the Yuanshui River Cascade Development Program, being built by China Power’s Wuling Power Development Co. Ltd. As one of the key projects in China’s East-to-West Power Transmission Program, Sanbanxi is being developed for power generation, flood control, irrigation, recreation, and fish farming.

225-MW Suzhi

CPIC said Unit 2 of the 225-MW Suzhi hydroelectric project also passed its 72-hour test running for commercial operation. Unit 1 went into operation in December 2005 on the upper Yellow River.

Suzhi’s three 75-MW units are being installed on a 51-meter-tall concrete dam impounding 45 million cubic meters of water for power generation, irrigation, and water supply. The National Development and Reform Commission approved the project in November 2004 for construction by the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Limited Liability Co.

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