China reservoir volumes down 5.96 percent

Water volumes in China’s major reservoirs were 5.96 percent lower at the start of March from a year earlier, marking the eighth month of such declines since August, data from the Water Resources Ministry showed.

Water levels in Three Gorges reservoir fell over the past month as reservoir management opened sluice gates wider to feed thirsty downriver regions. (HNN 1/12/07)

Higher levels in 18,200-MW Three Gorges to boost generation

Still, reserves in Three Gorges were 51.6 percent higher than a year earlier and offset most of the declines in other major reservoirs.

China Three Gorges Project Corp. plans to increase its output of 18,200-MW Three Gorges by 23 percent to 78.6 billion kilowatt-hours in 2007, on high water levels in the reservoir, state media reported. (HNN 2/15/07)

Reserves in a reservoir on the Han River in central Hubei Province remained at a low level, down 41.2 percent from a year ago, as water levels have not recovered from a severe drought.

Water flows are usually less and reservoir stocks smaller in winter, but the problem has been compounded this season by less rainfall across the country since last summer. Low water levels in past months have stranded some ships on the Yangtze.


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