China to seek consultants for 120-MW Shihutang navigation complex

Jiangxi Provincial Waterways Bureau No. 130 is expected to seek consultants for preparation of the Jiangxi Shihutang Navigation and Hydropower Complex project, including the 120-MW Shihutang hydro plant on the Gan River.

The World Bank is carrying out project identification in anticipation of providing US$100 million in funding. The project objective is to enhance the standard of living in the Gan River region by developing waterway transport and providing environmentally friendly energy.

The World Bank said consultants will be required during project preparation.

For information, contact Deputy Director Yang Lisheng, Jiangxi Provincial Waterways Bureau, and Director Huang Minghong, Shihutang Project Management Office, Yan Jiang Bei Da Dao, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China; Tel/Fax: (86) 791-6817370; E-mail:

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