China’s Huaneng starts up 240-MW Xiaotiandu

Huaneng Power International Inc., China’s largest independent power producer, says it has started up two 80-MW units of its 240-MW Xiaotiandu hydroelectric project.

Huaneng said Huaneng Sichuan Hydropower Ltd. Co. commenced commercial operation of an initial unit of the project as of August 15. It said September 1 that another 80-MW unit completed a 72-hour trial run on August 26.

Huaneng Sichuan Hydropower owns 60 percent of the hydro plant.

The company also noted the Sichuan Province government granted approval for construction of its two-unit 24-MW Fujiang Hongyan hydropower project.

Huaneng reported �smooth progress� in project development and construction in the first half of 2006 on both hydro and coal-fired projects. It said it now has an equity stake in generating capacity of 25,057 MW, up from 24,533 MW.

Huaneng owns 16 operating power plants and has controlling interests in 13 other power companies and minority interests in a further four.

Among its other hydropower holdings, Huaneng lists operating projects: 260-MW Taiping, 130-MW Ziyili, 160-MW Xiaoguanzi, 136-MW Qingju, 45-MW Mingtai, 80-MW Tongtou, 180-MW Lengzhuguan, 180-MW Dongxiguan, and 60-MW Yucheng, all in Sichuan Province; 85.8-MW Shitang in Zhejiang Province; and 85.8-MW Dali Xucun in Yunnan Province.

Huaneng’s other hydro projects under construction include: 240-MW Yaoji, 70-MW Shuiniujia, and 100-MW Muzuo in Sichuan; and 4,200-MW Xiaowan and 1,550-MW Manwan in Yunnan.

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