CKD Blansko to equip Peru’s 10-MW Poechos 2

Peru power producer Sindicato Energetico S.A. has awarded a contract to CKD Blansko Holding a.s. of the Czech Republic to supply generating equipment for the 10-MW Poechos 2 hydroelectric project.

Blansko said it won a competitive tender in February to design, manufacture, and supervise installation and commissioning of two horizontal S-type Kaplan turbines. The units are to have runner diameter of 2,350 millimeters for a net head of 18.5 meters and discharge of 60 cms.

The units are to be installed adjoining the existing 15.2-MW Poechos project, built at the toe of the Poechos irrigation dam on the Chira River in Piura District, 30 kilometers from the Ecuador border. (HNN 2/21/07) Last month, the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism agency approved an application by Poechos to sell carbon emissions credits.

Blansko said Poechos 2 is its third project for Sindicato Energetico, following the two-unit 12.8-MW Curumuy and the single-unit 250-kW Sullana projects, which have been operating since 1998.

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