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I recently took my daughters to see the Pixar movie Inside Out, so I’ve been thinking about feelings more than normal. For those of you without kids of a certain age who insisted on seeing this movie, Inside Out is about an 11-year-old girl and the emotions that control her. Those emotions are: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust.

It was particularly poignant for me in that I just so happen to have an 11-year-old girl, whose emotions are firmly in control of her at this time. So this movie allowed us to have a rewarding discussion in the car on the way home, and maybe some lessons were learned and some insights gained (by both of us). Only time will tell.

I also have a 9-year-old girl who reminds me very much of Joy in this movie, who spends all of her time trying to turn the most negative of situations in a positive direction. There is a little Facebook survey that lets you determine which Inside Out emotion you are. My youngest, unsurprisingly, is Joy.

All of this is to explain why I’m talking to you about my feelings in this blog. Specifically, my feelings upon returning back to the office after a hard, but extremely rewarding, week at HydroVision International.

Relief. After all, we spend more than a year preparing for HydroVision International. As much as I enjoy being there, meeting everybody and seeing it all come together, I can’t deny part of me is glad when it is over and has gone well.

Pride. We work hard to pull this off, so we definitely get a strong sense of pride when it comes off as planned (or even better, in the case of this year’s record attendance).

Determination. Things went awry. They always do. There are situations we have to handle on site, no matter how much advance planning we put in. Some of these arise from mistakes on our part, others simply happen and need to be dealt with. But I always arrive home determined to “do better next time.”

Regret. Every year I go into HydroVision International with lofty plans and aspirations. I’m going to meet with many people, attend conference sessions, visit booths in the exhibit hall, etc. I never can accomplish them all, and I know I missed talking to people I should have spent some time with.

Joy. It is so rewarding to see all the activity and excitement surrounding the hydroelectric power industry. It is great to see old friends reconnect and new friendships forged. And the icing on the cake was having nearly 3,800 people from 60 countries attending this event!

So thank you to everyone who attended. And if you missed out, there’s always next year!

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Elizabeth Ingram is content director for the Hydro Review website and HYDROVISION International. She has more than 17 years of experience with the hydroelectric power industry. Follow her on Twitter @ElizabethIngra4 .

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