Consortium wins US66 million contract for Ituango hydro project build in Colombia

A consortium of Colombian engineering companies Ingetec and Sedic has won a US$66.3 million construction contract for the 2,400-MW Ituango hydropower project in Colombia, Colombian multi-utility EPM reported.

Under the nine-year contract, the consortium will be responsible for installing the electromechanical equipment for the project and for overseeing project processes of the civil engineering works, Business News Americas reported.

Ingetec and Sedic competed against three consortiums consisting of 11 other engineering firms. The contract for the civil engineering works, which will include the dam, spillway and underground plant, has yet to be awarded.

The Ituango hydro project will use eight turbines and be the largest hydroelectric plant in the country. Investment in the project is slated to reach at least US$2.8 billion, reports indicate.

Colombian JV Hidroituango, comprised of EPM and Antioquia department’s government, created a special purpose vehicle named EPM Ituango to manage the development of the project.

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