Consultants named for S.E. Europe renewables program

A German lending agency has named consultants to implement and to monitor a renewable energy and energy efficiency program for Southeast Europe that includes small hydropower.

With funding from the German government, Germany’s Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) is administering the Regional Facility for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in Southeast Europe. (HNN 8/24/06)

KfW awarded a 1.1 million euro (US$1.5 million) contract to Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany, to serve as program consultant in charge of implementing the program. The school was chosen from among four bidders.

KfW awarded a 250,000 euro (US$345,560) contract to Bidding Consortium DECON GmbH/EUtech Energie und Management GmbH, also of Germany, to serve as monitoring consultant, charged with auditing the implementation. The consortium was the sole bidder.

The 30-month first phase of the program, focused almost entirely on Serbia, includes a loan facility providing 8.5 million euros (US$11.75 million) for investments and 1.5 million euros (US$2 million) for technical assistance. Investments could be as small as installation of energy saving lamps or as large as small hydropower plants or replacement of boilers and outdated machinery.

Investments in neighboring Montenegro are to be provided under a separate program not included in the current contract. Additionally, a subsequent phase of the Serbia program could be extended to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Kosovo.

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