Consultants sought to develop Brazil small hydro

Small hydropower specialists at the Universidade Federal de Itajuba seek expressions of interest by April 30 from consultants to help develop a Small Hydropower Generation Project Pipeline to advance small hydro in Brazil.

With funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the Centro Nacional de Referencia em Pequenos Aproveitamentos Hidroenergeticos (CERPCH) seeks consultants to improve and further develop CERPCH’s existing small hydro project pipeline.

Over six months, the consultant would assist interaction between private investors and public entities and develop technical and commercial terms and conditions necessary for successful implemention of small hydro projects. Financial options to be considered are loans to the public or private sectors through IADB or the Inter-American Investment Corp. focusing on achieving commercial success and diversifying risk to investors.

Interested consultants may address questions through April 17 to IADB by e-mail at or IADB will respond by April 21.

Expressions of interest are due April 30, by e-mail or three hard copies, to Banco Inter-Americano de Desenvolvimento, A/C Ismael Gilio, COF/CBR, Setor de Embaixadas Norte, Quadra 802, Conjunto F, Lote 39 – Asa Norte, CEP 70.800-400 Brasilia, DF, Brazil; (55) 61-33174254; Fax: (55) 61-33174213;


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