Contract awarded for Kamyk turbine-generator unit rehab work

A CZK$94.5 million (US$4.76 million) contract has been awarded to CKD Blansko Engineering a.s. to refurbish a turbine-generator unit at the 40-MW Kamyk plant in the Czech Republic.

Kamyk is part of the Vlatava River cascade, and Czech utility CEZ a.s. took bids in 2011 to supply replacement generator and turbine components to the hydro projects in this cascade. CEZ plans to modernize the more than three dozen hydro projects it operates, most on the Vlatava River.

CEZ announced the opportunity to bid on this project in March 2012.

Work to be performed on Unit 1, according to the contract, is: removal and installation of the generator, distributor repair; installation of new guide vanes, a new impeller and controls; as well as commissioning work.

Kamyk contains four Kaplan turbines commissioned in 1961 and 2008.

In other news, Czech hydro turbine manufacturer TES VSETIN and Russian power company Nord Hydro recently signed an agreement to cooperate on the renovation and construction of a number of small hydro projects.

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