Contract awarded for Rochetaillee small hydropower plant installation

The town of Saint-Etienne has awarded a contract worth US$1 million to Cegelec/Ellipse Mandataire Cogelec to install a micro hydropower project at a pressure break in the municipality of Rochetaillee, France.

Saint-Etienne solicited bids for the work this past November, which includes structural, electrical and mechanical work, including a Pelton turbine-generator, for the plant to be located at a pumping station.

The projected output capacity of the project has not been disclosed. reported Saint-Etienne awarded a contract last May to BRL Exploitation for monitoring and operation of the Lavalette Dam hydropower project and another in 2012 to SPIE Sud Est and Hydreo mandataire Sud Est for an instream flow turbine at that project. Saint-Etienne has been rehabilitating Lavalette Dam, its water supply facility built in 1914.

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