Contract awarded for tainter gate repairs at Raystown Lake Dams

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract to R. Zoppo Corp. to repair gate seals at Raystown Lake Dam on the Juniata River in Hesston, Pa.

The contract is worth US$894,950 and calls for gate seal repairs to one tainter gate with an option to repair a second.

The Corps says Zoppo is also to perform a 3D laser scan survey of the gate, remove existing side and bottom seal assemblies, clean and paint metal parts of assemblies and entire upstream surface of gate skin plate, design new gate seals and assemblies, and reinstall new side and bottom seal assemblies.

Bids were last sought for the work in July.

Raystown Lake Dam is owned and operated by the Corps for flood control purposes, but it is also the location of the 21-MW William F. Matson hydropower project, which is operated by Alleghany Electric Cooperative.

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