Contract awarded for work on France’s Lavalette Dam

SAINT-ETIENNE, France 4/12/12 (PennWell) — The town of Saint-Etienne has awarded a contract worth about US$870,000 to SPIE Sud Est and Hydreo mandataire Sud Est for work on Lavalette Dam.

Bids for the project were solicited in December 2011.

The companies will install a new Francis turbine-generator, valve, control panel and 400-kVA interconnection at the 97-year-old facility.

Utility Electricite de France also uses the dam to divert water to its Versilhac and Chapelette hydropower plants.

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Contract awarded for rehabilitation work at 1.12-MW Tri Chaloupky

PRAGUE, Czech Republic 2/7/12 (PennWell) — Strojirny Brno a.s. has won a contract to reconstruct a turbine at the 1.12-MW Tri Chaloupky hydroelectric project.

Tri Chaloupky, which is on the Elbe River in the Czech Republic, was built in 1948 and features a single vertical Kaplan turbine.

As per the contract, Strojirny Brno will dismantle the turbine and manufacture a new impeller and guide vanes. A new generator is to be supplied under a separate contract.

The contract is worth US$1.98 million.