Agreement reached to explore adding 2 MW of hydropower at New York’s Rockbottom Dam

The Mayor of Binghamton, N.Y., and Gravity Renewables are exploring feasibility and designs for adding a 2-MW hydroelectric powerhouse to Rockbottom Dam on the Susquehanna River.

According to a press release from Gravity Renewables, Mayor David will enter into an agreement with the company that will involve feasibility and designs for a 2-MW powerhouse

“Rockbottom Dam has long been an important part of our City’s water infrastructure,” said Mayor Richard C. David. “For decades, people have talked about the concept of hydropower at Rockbottom Dam, but were never able to initiate a plan, let alone complete a project. That changes today. I’ve always believed Rockbottom could do more for the City. We’re harnessing the power of our rivers and investing in renewable energy. Binghamton is fast becoming a national leader utilizing new technology to embrace clean energy and smart green development.”

Rockbottom Dam was built in 1828 to power a gristmill, and the city purchased the dam in 1931 to provide consistent water levels so the city’s water treatment facility could draw water from the river. The dam is 9 feet tall and spans 460 feet across the river.

Gravity Renewables received a preliminary permit for the site from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in December 2015.

The city would use the electricity produced by the facility and estimates about $8 million in energy savings over 20 years.

Gravity Renewables owns 10 hydroelectric plants, five of them in New York. The company has more than 40 MW of hydropower operating and under development across the U.S.

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