Cyprus exploring hydrokinetic potential with university study

A study being conducted by the Oceanographic Centre at the University of Cyprus is causing officials to consider the potential of hydrokinetic production, has learned.

The E-Wave project, which began in January 2011, is a 24-month study that is designed to create a high-resolution digital atlas of Cyprus’ coastal and offshore areas in which wave energy could be produced. Using this data, the country says it hopes to create models for predicting and quantifying hydrokinetic potential.

“Given the urgent needs for monitoring and exploiting renewable energy sources, the wave energy potential for an island state such as Cyprus, we hope to open new promising avenues,” says Minister of Agriculture Sofoclis Aletraris.

Aletraris says the island republic could become a catalyst in developing hydrokinetic energy in Mediterranean countries, and that the consolidation of marine data is essential for growing hydrokinetic output.

The E-Wave project is funded by the Research Promotion Foundation and the European Union.

Visit’s Ocean/Tidal/Stream Power page for more hydrokinetic news and information.

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