Dam safety assessment sought for Central Asia Amu Darya River

The World Bank invites bids from consultants to develop a hydraulic model of the lower Amu Darya River on the border of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, taking into account safety of dams in those two nations and upstream in Tajikistan. Bids are due October 16, 2009.

The six-month assignment is to include development of a hydraulic model for the Amu Darya downstream of Tajikistan, taking into account upstream dams on the Vakhsh Cascade. There are about 10 hydro projects, either operating or planned, on the Vakhsh (or Vaksh) Cascade. (HydroWorld 3/13/09)

The work also is to take into account off-takes of the Karakum Canal, Karshi Cascade, Amu Bukhara Cascade, and others, as well as the hydrological and structural safety of Tuyumayun Reservoir and Takhiatash Barrage, and the safety of two off-stream reservoirs, Talimarjan in Uzbekistan and Houshan in Turkmenistan. For Houshan, the consultant is to follow up recommendations of an earlier dam safety assessment under the Aral Sea Water and Environmental Project.

The government of Afghanistan courted consultants in March to perform a feasibility study of the Upper Amu Darya Lower Punj irrigation and hydropower project. (HydroWorld 2/23/09) That project, upstream in northern Afghanistan provinces of Kunduz and Balkh, would include a dam that would extend into Tajikistan.

Expressions of interest and qualifications, in English, are to be submitted by October 16, electronically via the World Bank Group eConsultant Internet site, www.worldbank.org/wbgeconsultant. A consultant is to be selected from a shortlist.

For information, contact Mahwash Wasiq, World Bank, 1818 H St., N.W., Suite H5-417, Washington, DC 20433 USA; (1) 202-473-3465; E-mail: mwasiq@worldbank.org.

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