Developer extends construction bidding for 38.12 Mati hydro complex in Albania

Austria hydropower developer Enso Hydro has extended the deadline for bids to construct the three-plant, 38.12-MW Mati hydropower complex on the Mati River in Albania. Bids now are due October 31.

Enso Hydro previously called for bids by September 30.

The Albania government took bids in September for civil construction to rehabilitate and modernize 11 dams in Albania’s Drin-Buna and Semani river basins. Utility Korporata Elektroenergjetike Shqiptare called last year for dam safety studies for the Drin River hydro cascade as well as rehabilitation at the 500-MW Fierza, 600-MW Komani, and 250-MW Vau i Dejes hydro projects on the Drin.

Enso Hydro seeks bids for construction and equipment for the Mati River cascade, consisting of the 17.47-MW Mati 1, 830-kW Mati 1i and 19.82-MW Mati 2 hydropower projects on the Mati River northeast of Tirana. The cascade comprises one power plant at intermediate pressure stage with a head of about 90 meters and two power plants at low-pressure stages conceived as diversion plants.

Firms may bid for any or all of 10 lots: Lot 1, civil/tunnel works for Mati 1 intake and tunnel; Lot 2, civil works for Mati 1 penstock; Lot 3, civil works for Mati 1 and Mati 1i powerhouses; Lot 4, civil works for Mati 2 intake and powerhouse; Lot 5, civil/tunnel works for Mati 2 tunnel; Lot 6, civil works for Mati 2 penstock; Lot 7, steel works for Mati 1 and Mati 1i hydro-mechanical equipment; Lot 8, steel works for Mati 2 hydro-mechanical equipment; Lot 9, electro-mechanical equipment for Mati 1 and Mati 1i; Lot 10, electro-mechanical equipment for Mati 2.

The work, valued at 25 million to 40 million euros (US$32 million to US$51 million), is to be performed from April 2015 through March 2017.

Tender documents may be obtained by written request to the address below. Bids, in English, now are due by 8 p.m. October 31.

For information, contact Georg Schweighofer, Enso GmbH, Feldkirchnerstrasse 11-13, 8054 Seiersberg, Austria; (43) 6648324561; E-mail:; Internet:


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