Developer pre-qualifies builders for 36.4-MW Red Rock in Iowa

Missouri River Energy Services invites applications for pre-qualification to build the 36.4-MW Red Rock hydroelectric project on the Des Moines River in Marion County, Iowa. Responses are due Dec. 3.

MRES, based in Sioux Falls, S.D., is a joint action agency helping provide power to municipal utilities in four states. It is acting on behalf of Western Minnesota Municipal Power Agency, which finances the construction and acquisition of generation for the municipals.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licensed CRD Hydroelectric LLC in 2011 to build the Red Rock project (No. 12576) on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Red Rock Dam. FERC approved transfer of CRD’s license to WMMPA in January.

WMMPA and MRES awarded a $46 million contract in April to Voith Hydro to supply two Kaplan turbine-generators to the project. Although licensed at 36.4 MW, Red Rock is to be able to generate up to 55 MW at certain times of year when water is available, MRES said.

MRES invites prequalification for design and construction of a cofferdam; excavation and construction of a reinforced concrete powerhouse; excavation or tunneling of two water conduits connecting the intake with the upstream face of the dam and connecting the dam to the powerhouse; removal of concrete to allow penetration of the conduits through the dam; construction of approach and tailrace channels; construction of the reinforced concrete intake structure and conduit linings; design, supply, and installation of hydro-mechanical equipment and powerhouse crane; construction of switchyard and transmission line; and installation of owner-furnished turbine-generators, appurtenances, and switchyard equipment.

Detailed design of the project is under way with construction to run from August 2013 to August 2016.

Pre-qualification documents may be obtained from the address below. Bidding documents are expected to be issued in February 2013.

Applications for pre-qualification are due by noon, Central time, Dec. 3. For information, contact MWH Inc., Attn.: David Walters, Bid Phase Administrator, 175 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1900, Chicago, IL 60604; (1) 312-831-3433; E-mail:; Internet:

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