Developers apply for 12 Panama hydro concessions

Developers have filed concession applications for 12 hydroelectric projects with Panama utility regulator Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios Publicos (Asep).

Asep is to publish the applications and allow a period in which other developers may submit requests, in which case the sites would be opened to competition.

The agency listed the hydro projects, locations, and applicants, but did not provide capacities.

Eight companies were listed seeking the Bajo Frio project on Chiriqui Viejo River at Bugaba, Chiriqui: Inversiones Electricas de Panama S.A., Generadora del Istmo S.A., COEPTUM S.A., Energia Hidroelectrica de Panama S.A., Electrificadora Panamena S.A., Hidro Energia S.A., Energia y Transmision S.A. (ENETRAN), and Grupo Cuerva Panama S.A.

Other projects, locations, and applicants were:
o Baitun; Chiriqui Viejo River; at Cana Gordas, Renacimiento, Chiriqui; ENETRAN and Constructora Norberto Odebrecht S.A.;
o Bajo de Mina; Chiriqui Viejo; at Caisan Renacimiento, Chiriqui; Constructora Norberto Odebrecht S.A.;
o Barriles; Quebrada Barriles; at Volcan, Bugaba, Chiriqui; Hidroelectrica Barriles S.A.;
o Barro Blanco; Tabasara River; at Veladero and Bella Vista, Tole, Chiriqui; Energia Hidroelectrica de Panama S.A. and Generadora del Istmo S.A.;
o Chiriqui; Chiriqui River; at Paja de Sombrero, Gualaca, Chiriqui; Navitas Internacional S.A. and ENETRAN;
o Colorado; Colorado River; at Volcan, Bugaba, Chiriqui; Hidroelectrica Barriles S.A.;
o Cotito; Cotito River; at Volcan, Bugaba, Chiriqui; Hidroelectrica Barriles S.A.;
o Los Negros; Tres Quebradas Los Negros; at Alto Boquete, Boquete, Chiriqui; Energy Solution Inc.;
o Palmira; Colga and Quisiga rivers; at Potrerillos, Dolega, Chiriqui; ENETRAN and Boquete Energy Inc.;
o Pedregalito 2; Chico River; at Pedregal and Tijeras, Boqueron, Chiriqui; Generadora Rio Chico S.A.;
o Rio Cobre; Cobre River; at Boro, La Mesa, Veraguas; Hidro Solution S.A.

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