DR Congo seeks environmental, social, resettlement consultants

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) invites expressions of interest from consultants for environmental and social management, and for resettlement planning for its hydropower-based electricity system. Expressions of interest for two solicitations are due August 20.

With World Bank financing of US$178 million, DRC’s utility, Societe Nationale d’Electricite (SNEL), seeks consultant services for its program to develop electricity for domestic consumption and for export. The program includes development of the giant Inga hydroelectric complex on the Congo River. (HNN 6/27/08)

One solicitation seeks a consultant to assist SNEL in implementing environmental and social management programs over 18 months. The other seeks a consultant over six months to prepare and implement a plan of resettlement and compensation of people affected by the electricity program.

Expressions of interest and qualifications, in French, are due by August 20 by mail or e-mail to the address below. They must be labeled either �AMI/174/PMEDE/BCECO/DG/DPM/HMS/2008 � Recrutement du Consultant charge de l’Assistance technique a la Cellule Environnemental de SNEL� or �AMI/176/PMEDE/BCECO/DG/DPM/HMS/2008 � Recrutement du Consultant charge de la Preparation et de la Mise en oeuvre du Plan de reinstallation.�

For information, contact Bureau Central de Coordination (BCECO), Pour le compte de la Societe Nationale d’Electricite (SNEL), Attn: Matata Ponyo, Directeur General, Ave. Colonel Mondjiba No. 372, Concession UTEXAFRICA, Kinshasa, Ngaliema, Democratic Republic of Congo; (243) 99-9940301, 81-9999180; E-mail: bceco@bceco.cd, dpm@bceco.cd, bcecobceco@yahoo.fr, dpmbceco@yahoo.fr; Internet: www.bceco.cd.

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