DR Congo seeks hydraulic modeling of Inga project intake channel

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo 3/21/12 (PennWell) — The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) invites expressions of interest from firms to perform hydraulic scale modeling of the intake channel of the Inga hydroelectric complex on the Congo River. Responses are due April 4.

The DRC’s utility, Societe Nationale d’Electricite (SNEL), and the Bureau Central de Coordination (BCECO) invited expressions of interest in January from consultants with experience in dredging studies and dredging of intake channels, specifically for companies operating hydroelectric projects. The 350-MW Inga 1 and 1,424-MW Inga 2 hydroelectric projects produce a total of only 500 MW and are undergoing refurbishment.

SNEL currently seeks expressions of interest from consultants to lead a hydraulic analytical study with a hydraulic scale model of the Inga intake channel, which is highly restricted by sediment. Eligible firms must have internationally recognized laboratories with experience in modeling the transport of suspended sediment for major projects.

Terms of reference may be obtained from the address below. Expressions of interest, in French, are due by mail or e-mail to the address below by April 4, labeled “AMI/326/PMEDE/BCECO/DG/DPM/EMN/2012/SC – Recrutement du Cabinet charge de mener une etude sur modele reduit hydraulique du canal d’amenee de l’amenagement hydraulique d’Inga.”

For information, contact Bureau Central de Coordination (BCECO), Societe Nationale d’Electricite (SNEL), Attn.: Directeur General Matondo Mbungu, Ave. Colonel Mondjiba No. 372, Concession UTEXAFRICA, Kinshasa, Ngaliema, Democratic Republic of Congo; (243) 81-5136729; E-mail: bceco@bceco.cd, dpm@bceco.cd, bcecobceco@yahoo.fr, dpmbceco@yahoo.fr.

Italian firm wins urgent mechanical work for Inga 1, Inga 2

SNEL has awarded a contract to Franco Tosi Meccanica of Italy to perform urgent mechanical measures to help rehabilitate the 350-MW Inga 1 and 1,424-MW Inga 2 projects. The utility took bids for the work in 2010.

The turnkey contract, valued at 13.17 million euros (US$17.3 million) calls for Franco Tosi Meccanica to study, manufacture, and test equipment in factory, and to transport, assemble, test, and commission on site urgently needed mechanical equipment for Inga 1 and 2. Franco Tosi Meccanica won the contract in competition with Alstom Hydro Power.

In other action, Andritz Hydro announced its share of a contract for other work on Inga 2 is valued at 45 million euros (US$59.5 million). As part of a consortium, Andritz is to refurbish two 178-MW Francis turbines of Inga 2. Andritz and Alstom Hydro received a joint contract worth about US$102.2 million for work at Inga 2.

SNEL also took bids in February for rehabilitation of Units G11 and G15 of the Inga 1 plant. 

Mining giant BHP Billiton said in February that it abandoned its plan to construct an aluminum smelter in the DRC, eliminating a potential power customer for a proposed 4,300-MW Inga 3 project. Inga 3 is considered a step toward development of a 40,000-MW Grand Inga hydroelectric complex on the Congo River.


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