Ecuador seeks bids to supervise building of 115-MW Delsitanisagua

QUITO, Ecuador 5/31/12 (PennWell) — Ecuador utility Corporacion Electrica del Ecuador (Celec) seeks bids to supervise construction of the 115-MW Delsitanisagua hydroelectric project on Ecuador’s Zamora River. Bids are due June 21.

The government of Ecuador signed a US$215 million contract with Hydrochina Corp. in 2011 for construction of Delsitanisagua in Zamora Chinchipe Province. Hydrochina is responsible for design, equipment procurement, civil construction, equipment installation, and commissioning of the project, which includes a 34-meter-tall, 135-meter-long dam; a powerhouse with two 57.6-MW turbine-generators; and a 36-kilometer transmission line.

Celec now seeks bids for supervision of the detailed engineering, civil works construction, and equipment supply, installation, and testing. With a budget of US$13.3 million, the work is to require 48 months.

Tender documents may be obtained from Ecuador’s solicitation Internet site, under

Bids are due by 4 p.m. June 21. They are to be submitted via and delivered at the same time to Secretaria de la Comision Tecnica, Unidad de Negocio CELEC EP – GENSUR, Calles Mariana de Jesus y Pichincha esquina, Urbanizacion El Prado, Ciudad de Loja, Ecuado.

For information, contact Celec EP, Av. 6 de Diciembre N26-235 y Av. Orellana, Quito, Ecuador; (593) 2-2231344; E-mail:; Internet:

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Ecuador seeks bids to build 487-MW Sopladora

The government of Ecuador launched bidding August 6, 2009, for civil work and electro-mechanical equipment for construction of the 487-MW Sopladora hydroelectric project on Ecuador’s Paute River. Bids are due November 16.

Part of the Paute hydroelectric complex, Sopladora is to have no dam, but is to utilize water discharged by the 1,075-MW Paute project. Together with the 162.6-MW Mazar project, which is to be completed in 2010, the projects are to optimize use of the Paute River’s hydro potential. (HydroWorld 4/11/08)

Ecuador’s new utility holding company, Corporacion Electrica del Ecuador (Celec), and the Ministerio de Electricidad y Energia Renovable launched the solicitation for technical and financial bids. Celec became responsible for the project when it acquired the assets of Ecuador utilities including Hidropaute S.A., developer of Sopladora, Paute, and Mazar. (HydroWorld 3/5/09)

Sopladora’s budget totals US$621.8 million. The government plans for the project to be completed by 2014.

Domestic and foreign firms are invited to bid if they ensure at least 20 percent Ecuadoran ownership. Bidders are required to include a financing proposal for at least 75 percent of the bid price. The remaining capital is to come from Ecuador’s general budget.

Bidding is to be carried out via Ecuador’s procurement Internet site, Bids are due November 16.

For information, contact Secretaria del Comite de Concurso de Ofertas, Corporacion Electrica del Ecuador, Hidropaute S.A., Panamericana Norte, Km 7, Sector Capulispamba, Cuenca, Ecuador; (593) 7-2875191; Fax: (593) 7-2875556; E-mail:; Internet: