Ecuador seeks consultants to promote renewable energy

Ecuador’s electricity and renewable energy ministry invites expressions of interest from consultants to carry out a study to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and bioenergy in Ecuador. Responses are due September 10.

The Ministerio de Electricidad y Energia Renovable (MEER) seeks to develop a plan to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and institutional strengthening. (HydroWorld 7/7/10) MEER includes hydropower, wind and solar energy, and biofuels among renewable energy it promotes. Ecuador plans to double hydropower use over the next decade. (HydroWorld 10/14/09)

MEER seeks consultants to perform a study to identify regulatory, legal, tax, technical, and infrastructure barriers to promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and bioenergy. The study also is to recommend the design of instruments to promote the energy alternatives.

Ministry seeks study of energy usage in Ecuador

The ministry also invites expressions of interest from consultants to develop a matrix of final uses of energy by residential, public, commercial, and industrial sectors in Ecuador. Those responses also are due September 10.

The agency seeks design of a computer platform allowing simulations and updates of the energy use matrix.

Expressions of interest and qualifications for both solicitations are due by electronic mail or sealed envelope to the address below by 4:30 p.m. September 10.

For information, contact Ministerio de Electricidad y Energia Renovable; Subsecretaria de Energia Renovable y Eficiencia Energetica (SEREE); Eliana Rojas Idrovo, Coordinadora PAES Ecuador; Patricia Recalde, Directora Nacional de Biocombustibles; Carlos Davila, Director Nacional de Eficiencia Energetica; Av. Eloy Alfaro N29-50 y 9 de Octubre; Edificio Correos del Ecuador, Cuarto Piso; Quito, Ecuador; (593) 2-3976000, extension 1448 and 1411; Fax: (593) 2-3976000, extension 1455; E-mail:,;; Internet:

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