Ecuador signs pact for 11-plant, 1,670-MW Guayllabamba complex

The governments of Ecuador and Pichincha Province signed agreements September 11 to develop 11 hydroelectric projects totaling 1,670 MW in the Guayllabamba River hydroelectric system.

Ecuador President Rafael Correa and Pichincha Prefect Gustavo Baroja took part in signing the agreements for execution and construction of the 11 dams and power plants.

The projects include Chespi, Villadora, Chontal, Calderon, Cubi, Palma Real, San Pedro, Chirapi, Mandarayacu Grande, Tortuga, and Llurimaguas.

The Guayllabamba system is to increase Ecuador’s installed capacity, currently 3,750 MW, by 80 percent.

In addition to clean renewable energy, Correa said the project is to provide health centers, new technology and Internet connections to area schools, and potable water to 56 schools in the area.

In 2007, Ecuador regulator Consejo Nacional de Electricidad (Conelec) signed a concession agreement awarding construction of the 228-MW Toachi-Pilaton hydroelectric project to a company owned by Pichincha Province, Hidrotoapi S.A. (HNN 10/10/07)

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