Egypt, Sudan seek sediment management at 1,200-MW Aswan

The governments of Egypt and Sudan plan to seek equipment and consulting services for sedimentation mitigation and sustainable management of Lake Nasser/Nubia, formed by Egypt’s 1,200-MW Aswan High Dam on the Nile River.

The World Bank has provided US$2.7 million in financing for the Eastern Nile Watershed Management Project-Lake Nasser/Nubia Management Framework. Lake Nasser is the name for Aswan’s reservoir in Egypt, while Sudan refers to its small upstream reservoir as Lake Nubia.

The program is to improve information necessary to predict sedimentation processes in the lakes for possible mitigation and other management measures. It also is to develop a framework to guide sustainable management of the lakes.

Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation plans to contract for equipment and services to monitor sediment deposition and dune encroachment. It also plans to seek consultants for socio-economic and environmental surveys, database management, and other administrative services.

Prospective bidders who wish to be included on a mailing list for invitations to bid are invited to contact the address below. For information, contact Dr. Wael M. Khairy, Nile Water Sector, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt, 9 El-Mokhaim Eldaaem St., P.O. Box 11471, 6th District, Nasr City, Egypt; (20) 2-22611197; Fax: (20) 2-24025966; E-mail:,


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