El Salvador opens tendering for redesigned 65.8-MW El Chaparral hydro project

El Salvador utility Comision Ejecutiva Hidroelectrica del Rio Lempa (CEL) invites applications for pre-qualification to construct the 65.8-MW El Chaparral hydroelectric project. Documents may be obtained until August 23 with responses due October 7.

CEL originally sought bids for turnkey construction of El Chaparral in 2008, eventually awarding a US$220 million contract to Astaldi S.p.A. of Italy.

However, CEL and Astaldi agreed in 2012 to terminate the contract by mutual consent because it did not provide for redesign of the project, found to be necessary as a result of landslides from 2010 Tropical Storm Agatha and the discovery of geological instability in a portion of the project site. CEL said the parties resorted to a direct settlement due to the need to reactivate the project as soon as possible and to prevent further damage to the site.

El Chaparral is to include a roller-compacted-concrete dam, reservoir, powerhouse containing two 32.2-MW generating units and a 1.42-MW minimum flow unit, and a substation just upstream of the Torola River’s confluence with the San Juan River.

Pre-qualification documents may be obtained until August 23 from El Salvador’s procurement site on the Internet under
http://www.comprasal.gob.sv/moddiv/HTML/detallelicitacion.jsp?CodigoLicitacion=CEL-PRC 02/13&CodigoInstitucion=4106. Questions may be submitted until September 16.

Applications for pre-qualification are due by 11 a.m. October 7. For information, contact UACI de Comision Ejecutiva Hidroelectrica del Rio Lempa, 9a Calle Poniente No. 950, Centro de Gobierno, San Salvador, El Salvador; (503) 22116149; Fax: (503) 22116243; E-mail: licitaciones@cel.gob.sv; Internet: www.cel.gob.sv.

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