EMEC announces Canadian collaboration, shortlisted for energy technology award

The European Marine Energy Centre recently announced it is kicking off a joint project with the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy in Canada, looking at the difference in corrosion and underwater behavior of marine coatings on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, EMEC has been shortlisted for the Marine Energy Technology of the Year award at the Business Green Technology Awards 2016.

With regard to coatings, the two marine energy test facilities will work with Whitford, a coatings manufacturer. EMEC says the initiative can be traced back to a declaration made in 2011 on increasing growth, trade and innovation that committed Canada and the UK to work together to drive forward marine energy innovation.

“Corrosion and other associated issues are a big challenge for wave and tidal energy technologies given that devices could be deployed at sea for years at a time,” says Neil Kermode, managing director of EMEC. “During discussions we realized that the marine conditions experienced at FORCE’s test site in Nova Scotia are very different from what we are seeing across the pond at EMEC, in Orkney. So the inclusion of a technology testing program with us will help provide a different experience if they then decide to deploy in Canada, or vice versa.”

EMEC is a facility for testing wave and tidal energy converters in real sea conditions. FORCE is a test facility for in-stream tidal energy technology.

Whitford manufactures coatings to provide surface protection and lubrication for many industrial sectors, including marine and wind energy.

With regard to the Business Green Technology Awards, they are meant to celebrate start-ups and established technology and engineering companies that are “turning the dream of a sustainable green economy into a reality.”

FloWave won the Marine Energy Innovation of the Year Award in 2015 and the company’s chief executive officer, Stuart Brown, nominated EMEC for 2016.

EMEC deserves to be acknowledged not only for their pioneering approach and technical solution, but also in making such a project work with, and for, the benefit of local companies and their community. As the project progresses the benefits will be many and widespread, and EMEC’s drive and innovative approach to making marine renewables succeed no matter what the challenge makes them very worthy of the Business Green Marine Technology of the Year Award,” Brown said.

The winner of the award will be announced Dec. 2.

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