EMEC announces flurry of activity at Scottish marine energy site

Capping a busy February for the European Marine Energy Centre is an announcement that tidal turbine manufacturer Tocardo has signed a 20-year deal for testing at EMEC’s array in Orkney.

The announcement, made during the International Conference for Ocean Energy (ICOE) in Edinburgh this week, calls for Tocardo to install eight of its T2 turbines in two clusters. The testing looks to build upon previous testing conducted at the Eastern Schedlt storm surge barrier in the Netherlands as the company looks toward evaluating the units’ long-term durability.

“The EMEC project is a breakthrough for Tocardo’s careful roll out of our technology moving from near inshore toward offshore,” Tocardo CEO Hans van Breutel said. “With multiple turbines operational in low, moderate and extreme high tidal flows, we now feel comfortable to go offshore.”

Installation is scheduled to begin in 2017.

Also announced this month by EMEC:

  • EMEC is seeking ideas on “future learning opportunities and R&D projects” associated with using the Pelamis P2-002 wave energy prototype, which was acquired by EMEC when Pelamis Wave Power went into administration in 2014.
  • The European Commission’s research and innovation program, Horizon2020, awarded US$11 million to Scotrenewables Tidal Power to further the Floating Tidal Energy Commercialisation (FloTEC) project.
  • Flemish developer Laminaria has joined with EMEC, Innosea, Ghent University and TTI Testing to test and develop a wave energy converter called “LAMWEC”.
  • EMEX is partnering with the UK’s Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult and the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden to improve reliability testing, with funding provided by the OCEANERA-NET and Reliability in a Sea of Risk (RiaSoR) initiatives.

These come on the heels of two recent research milestones announced at EMEC, including the deployment of a modular anchoring system by Scotrenewables and testing by coatings manufacturer Whitford Ltd.

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