Engineering company turns 90

VSETIN, Czech Republic 9/9/09 (PennWell) — Tes Vsetin, one of the largest power engineering companies in the Czech Republic, is celebrating its 90th anniversary this month.

In 1919, Josef Sousedik founded what would become Tes Vsetin. Sousedik had more than 100 patents, including a 1927 electric automobile and a high-speed railway car that reached 150 km per hour in 1934. The company produced asynchronous and direct-current motors.

In 1945, the business expanded to commutator motors, testing stands with DC dynamometers for motor output and torque measurement, and complete drives with DC motors.

Today, the company’s generators are used in hydropower plants and have been installed at facilities in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Guatemala and Indonesia.

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