Environmental assessment sought for 10 Argentina reservoirs

Argentina’s environment and sustainable development ministry invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform an environmental impact assessment of 10 flood control reservoirs in the Matanza Creek Basin. Responses are due August 5.

With funding from the World Bank, the Secretaria de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable seeks environmental assessment of 10 reservoirs identified in a basic stormwater plan of the Matanza Creek Basin authority, Autoridad de Cuenca Matanza Riachuelo.

The 10 reservoirs, location districts, surface area, and impoundment lengths are: Reservoir 1, Merlo and Marcos Paz, 520 hectares, 2,285 meters; Reservoir 2, Marcos Paz and Las Heras, 940 hectares, 3,030 meters; Reservoir 3, Marcos Paz and La Matanza, 1,277 hectares, 2,340 meters; Reservoir 4, Marcos Paz and La Matanza, 1,220 hectares, 7,320 meters; Reservoir 5, General Las Heras, 1,505 hectares, 2,890 meters; Reservoir 6, Canuelas, Marcos Paz, and General Las Heras, 2,395 hectares, 2,930 meters; Reservoir 7, Merlo, 175 hectares, 1,180 meters; Reservoir 9, Ezeiza, 150 hectares, 765 meters; Reservoir 10, Ezeiza, 640 hectares, 4,040 meters; Reservoir 11, Canuelas, 560 hectares, 2,200 meters.

Work is to include establishing major consequences of each of the reservoirs on physical, biotic, human population, and built environments, and establishing prevention, adaptation, mitigation, and compensation packages. The contract is expected to require 150 days.

Expressions of interest are due by 4 p.m. August 5. For information, contact Secretaria de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable, Proyecto Desarrollo Sustentable Cuenca Matanza – Riachuelo, Ing. Eduardo M. Vilchez, Coordinador General (UCGP), Av. Montes de Oca 169 – Piso PB, (1270), Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina; (54) 11-59412900; E-mail: adquisiciones@ucgp-birf.gob.ar; Internet: www.ambiente.gov.ar.

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