Ethiopia: Studies complete for 2,000-Mandaya, 1,200-MW Border

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water Resources has completed studies of two hydroelectric projects proposed for northwest Ethiopia, a newspaper reported.

The Jimma Times said the ministry’s head of the dams and hydropower department, Michael Abebe, said the ministry conducted studies costing US$3 million of the 2,000-Mandaya and 1,200-MW Border projects, with funding from the African Development Bank. (HNN 8/20/07)

Mandaya is to be located at the junction of the Abay and Dedessa rivers. Abebe said the 200-meter-tall dam and power plant would curb flooding, displace an annual average of 8.5 million tons of carbon dioxide from diesel generators, and generate average annual income to Ethiopia of US$450 million.

He said Border, in Ethiopia near the Sudan border, would include a 90-meter-tall dam and powerhouse.

The Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) has been recruiting consultants to help Eastern Nile countries handle environmental and social issues of power sector projects. The multi-nation ENTRO has been investigating power trade opportunities, interconnection, and three hydropower projects, Mandaya, Border, and 780-MW Dal 1 in Sudan near the Egypt border.

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